Obligatory Portal Fanwhorage
Obligatory Portal Fanwhorage
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graphite, Adobe Photoshop CS3

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This astonishingly bad piece is the direct result of guilt-tripping yourself into finishing SOMETHING so the year 2007 doesn't feel like a complete waste.

So, I'm punctuating the end of the year with this poorly rendered sketch and getting it in under the wire.

Portal is fantastic; this picture is not. For the moment, I don't plan on touching it again, which qualifies it as "finished" and not a "Scrap" -- even though it more or less deserves to be there.

I'll likely revisit it in the near future; once I nail down some method of rendering that doesn't inhale gratuitous amounts of peni-- moving on, before the description qualifies it as for Mature Audiences.

Seriously folks, when I selected "Advanced critique encouraged", I mean it. I tore the piece apart, now it's your turn.

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